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Last Update: 11 September 2019

The second edition of the Florence Guitar Festival is more information in Concerts and events.
Concert of Ganesh Del Vescovo Friday 13 October 2017 at 9:00 p.m, Church of S. Lorenzo a Vicchio di Rimaggio, Bagno a Ripoli (Fi), music of Couperin (Passacaglia), Bach (Suite 996) Mozart (12 Variazioni su Ah,vous dirais-je,Maman) and Del Vescovo,more info in Concerts and events.
. Fiori Musicali - Concert of Ganesh Del Vescovo saturday 20 May 2017 at 8:00 p.m: Sala concerto del Centro Studi Musica e Arte - via Pietrapiana 32, Florence Dedicated to Manuel de Falla, music of Couperin, Bach, Torroba, de Falla, Del on the Concerts.
Guitar recital of Ganesh Del Vescovo , VIII Concorso Internazionale di Liuteria - Sunday 21 May 2017 ore 5:00 p.m, Sala Pilade Biondi del Palazzo Comunale di Sesto Fiorentino, free admission, click on the Concerts.
Masterclass of Ganesh del Vescovo, Saturday 3 June 2017, from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M e dalle 3 P.M. alle 7 P.M presso la sede di “DoReMi”, International Musical Academy (D.I.M.A), siti nei locali parrocchiali della Parrocchia di San Gemignano ad Arezzo. La masterclass sara` seguita dal concerto mattutino di domenica 4 alle ore 11 nella Chiesa di Santa Maria della Porta (Chiesa di Porta Crucifera) ad Arezzo, for info click on the Concerts.
I am very happy to announce that i won the 11th INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR MICHELE PITTALUGA with the piece for two guitars entitled Improvviso e on the News.
Guitar Recital : Ganesh Del Vescovo Saturday 24 September 2016 at 7:00 p.m.,Church of S.Eligio degli Orefici - via di S. Eligio 7, Rome, Music of Villa-Lobos, Torroba, Couperin, Rodrigo, Del Vescovo.
You now can subscribe to the splendid monografic guide of Ganesh Del Vescovo "The Guitar without Boundaries" in the series of Guitart publications. It consists of 144 pages both in Italian and in English, and is dedicated to the unlimited number techniques possible in composing for the guitar + It includes a CD with 55 music tracks of examples... click on the News.
Here is the interview (with the English translation) that the musicologist Eleonora Negri recently had with Ganesh Del Vescovo, published by the Magazine Guitart in the October/December 2015 issue. It also announces the manual which is about to be published with the title, "The Guitar Without Bounderies- A Guide to new technical possibilities of the guitar, for guitarists and composers" - Booklet + CD by Ganesh Del Vescovo, click on the News.
A concert of compositions by Ganesh Del Vescovo will be performed by the composer on 23 November 2015, at the Lyceum Club Internazionale, Via degli Alfani 48, Florence (see Concerts and events
for the program)...An interesting Web "Conversation with Ganesh Del Vescovo" by Poireinganba Thanglam/Len has been published on the Web Magazine Classical Guitar Augmented,see the News...A CD dedicated to his music is being published by EMA Vinci with the title "Omaggio a Ganesh Del Vescovo". This CD will be presented at his Concert at the Lyceum Club Internazionale, via degli Alfani 49 Florence, 23 November 2015 at 8.30 P.M.
A recent interview made with Ganesh Del Vescovo by the musicologist Eleonora Negri will be published in the next issue of Guitart Magazine.
The next issue of Guitart will publish the score of the music on the video Pioggia d'autunno by Ganesh Del Vescovo. (see News for more info)...An important monographic “booklet” by the composer about his works on the guitar is about to be published by the magazine Guitart. The entire works for guitar solo of Ganesh Del Vescovo are being prepared and will soon be published by Sinfonica, thus completing the works that have already been published. The works will consist in three volumes, each with an included CD.
In 2011 Ganesh received first prize for composition at the International Festival “Claxica 2011” at Castel d’Aiano, Bologna with the piece for guitar solo Schegge di luce (“Splinters of Light”) published by Sinfonica Nuova Carisch, click news in homepage...
New concerts of Ganesh, click here
The guitar transcription made by Ganesh of Claude Debussy's "Children's Corner" has been published, listen mp3 in news
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Sei studi per chitarra di Ganesh Del Vescovo
Sei Momenti Musicali di Schubert

What is a raga? If you want to know, click here and read...

Suite "alla montagna" of Ganesh Del Vescovo.Click here to read the comment

"GUITART" (October - December 2001) - Review by Piero Viti

 Sei studi per chitarra di Ganesh Del Vescovo

Ganesh Del Vescovo
Six Studies ("Sei Studi") (very difficult)
for guitar
CD included
edited by Bruno Giuffredi
Music Edition: Edizioni Musicali Sinfonica. Brugherio (MI), Italy 2000, 37 pages

The recently published Sei Studi (Six Studies) by Ganesh Del Vescovo (Publisher: Edizioni Sinfonica) are really a true novelty, in the widest meaning of the word and represent one of the most interesting and successful didactical works that have appeared on the market in recent times. There are many reasons why this collection is so interesting, be it because of the novel technical aspects proposed by the Author, as well as because of the fascinating deeply poetic world which is evoked. In a unity between traditional techniques and actually authentic inventions (such as the "pizzicato Ganesh", a complicated effect made by plucking the notes only with the right hand while leaving the left hand free to create other sound effects), and the magical and spiritual atmosphere created by the sounds of the cultures of the Orient (especially that of India), these works, in fact, create a novel world of sound which unfolds towards yet unexplored horizons of the guitar.
There are six studies included in this collection: the first one: Invocazione a Sita is developed in a way that is similar to an Indian Raga, with an essentially monodic melody of supple and quiet nature, up-held by long drones on the open strings, and developed entirely through an expressive repetition of notes. The second piece is instead totally constructed on a myriad of percussion effects which transform the guitar into an exciting "set" of percussion instruments, rich with instrumental novelties on the guitar.
The third study deepens the use of microtones, using a hieratic and suspended tune, full of infinite variations which remind one of the transfigured oriental use of melody. The forth study, Sandhya, is instead developed on the glissando and calls for the use of the so-called "Sarod glissando" (from the name of an oriental instrument). This is obtained by sliding from one note to the other with a smooth glissando, using the finger-nail of the left hand to made a more resonant and expressive sound effect. This, together with the freedom used in the rhythms, which is explicitly indicated by the author, creates a feeling similar to that of a recitativo, full of a sonorous fascination which reminds one of far off places and the "sitar". The fifth study is totally based on the "pizzicato Ganesh", (which we have mentioned above), and develops all its possibilities. This represents one of the most outstanding novelties on the instrument and one of the most fascinating moments of the entire collection. The last study, number six, Antar Mouna, is on the harmonics. These too are explored in a very original way and create a sonorous world that recalls star-like fascinations. All the technical indications given in the sheet music are very deep clear and. The CD included is extremely useful. The performance is by the author who, we wish to remind you, is also an excellent guitarist who studied under the school of Company and presents his work with great clarity. Congratulations to the author!

( Piero Viti )

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