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Last Update: 11 September 2019

The second edition of the Florence Guitar Festival is more information in Concerts and events.
Concert of Ganesh Del Vescovo Friday 13 October 2017 at 9:00 p.m, Church of S. Lorenzo a Vicchio di Rimaggio, Bagno a Ripoli (Fi), music of Couperin (Passacaglia), Bach (Suite 996) Mozart (12 Variazioni su Ah,vous dirais-je,Maman) and Del Vescovo,more info in Concerts and events.
. Fiori Musicali - Concert of Ganesh Del Vescovo saturday 20 May 2017 at 8:00 p.m: Sala concerto del Centro Studi Musica e Arte - via Pietrapiana 32, Florence Dedicated to Manuel de Falla, music of Couperin, Bach, Torroba, de Falla, Del on the Concerts.
Guitar recital of Ganesh Del Vescovo , VIII Concorso Internazionale di Liuteria - Sunday 21 May 2017 ore 5:00 p.m, Sala Pilade Biondi del Palazzo Comunale di Sesto Fiorentino, free admission, click on the Concerts.
Masterclass of Ganesh del Vescovo, Saturday 3 June 2017, from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M e dalle 3 P.M. alle 7 P.M presso la sede di “DoReMi”, International Musical Academy (D.I.M.A), siti nei locali parrocchiali della Parrocchia di San Gemignano ad Arezzo. La masterclass sara` seguita dal concerto mattutino di domenica 4 alle ore 11 nella Chiesa di Santa Maria della Porta (Chiesa di Porta Crucifera) ad Arezzo, for info click on the Concerts.
I am very happy to announce that i won the 11th INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR MICHELE PITTALUGA with the piece for two guitars entitled Improvviso e on the News.
Guitar Recital : Ganesh Del Vescovo Saturday 24 September 2016 at 7:00 p.m.,Church of S.Eligio degli Orefici - via di S. Eligio 7, Rome, Music of Villa-Lobos, Torroba, Couperin, Rodrigo, Del Vescovo.
You now can subscribe to the splendid monografic guide of Ganesh Del Vescovo "The Guitar without Boundaries" in the series of Guitart publications. It consists of 144 pages both in Italian and in English, and is dedicated to the unlimited number techniques possible in composing for the guitar + It includes a CD with 55 music tracks of examples... click on the News.
Here is the interview (with the English translation) that the musicologist Eleonora Negri recently had with Ganesh Del Vescovo, published by the Magazine Guitart in the October/December 2015 issue. It also announces the manual which is about to be published with the title, "The Guitar Without Bounderies- A Guide to new technical possibilities of the guitar, for guitarists and composers" - Booklet + CD by Ganesh Del Vescovo, click on the News.
A concert of compositions by Ganesh Del Vescovo will be performed by the composer on 23 November 2015, at the Lyceum Club Internazionale, Via degli Alfani 48, Florence (see Concerts and events
for the program)...An interesting Web "Conversation with Ganesh Del Vescovo" by Poireinganba Thanglam/Len has been published on the Web Magazine Classical Guitar Augmented,see the News...A CD dedicated to his music is being published by EMA Vinci with the title "Omaggio a Ganesh Del Vescovo". This CD will be presented at his Concert at the Lyceum Club Internazionale, via degli Alfani 49 Florence, 23 November 2015 at 8.30 P.M.
A recent interview made with Ganesh Del Vescovo by the musicologist Eleonora Negri will be published in the next issue of Guitart Magazine.
The next issue of Guitart will publish the score of the music on the video Pioggia d'autunno by Ganesh Del Vescovo. (see News for more info)...An important monographic “booklet” by the composer about his works on the guitar is about to be published by the magazine Guitart. The entire works for guitar solo of Ganesh Del Vescovo are being prepared and will soon be published by Sinfonica, thus completing the works that have already been published. The works will consist in three volumes, each with an included CD.
In 2011 Ganesh received first prize for composition at the International Festival “Claxica 2011” at Castel d’Aiano, Bologna with the piece for guitar solo Schegge di luce (“Splinters of Light”) published by Sinfonica Nuova Carisch, click news in homepage...
New concerts of Ganesh, click here
The guitar transcription made by Ganesh of Claude Debussy's "Children's Corner" has been published, listen mp3 in news
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Sei studi per chitarra di Ganesh Del Vescovo
Sei Momenti Musicali di Schubert

What is a raga? If you want to know, click here and read...

Suite "alla montagna" of Ganesh Del Vescovo.Click here to read the comment

Archive: concerts and events of 2011 -2009



Tournée in India

Delhi (date will be defined) - Concert India International Centre

Calcutta - 5 February 2012 For more info click here and here

concert for diwali

Concert of Ganesh Del Vescovo - Saturday 13 November 2010 time 8.30 p.m, Teatro “Passpartout” Torino:


Music by Ganesh Del Vescovo

Place: Teatro “Passpartout” , Via S. Marino 10, Torino - For info: 011/9042534 - 3496693421


Concert of Ganesh Del Vescovo - Thursday 25 November 2010 , Cherbourg, Mairie de la Butte (France) time 6.45 p.m :

Musiques composées par Ganesh Del Vescovo

Meeting with the guitarist Ganesh Del Vescovo :

26 November 2010, Lycée "Jean-François Millet", Cherbourg (France)

Concert of Ganesh Del Vescovo - Tuesday 24 August 2010 , Cercina (Florence) - time 9.00 p.m :

“La chitarra guarda ad oriente”

Composition of Ganesh del Vescovo

PLACE: Church of Sant’Andrea (Cercina) - click here for more info

Meeting with the guitarist Ganesh Del Vescovo :

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Villa di Bivigliano (Florence)


Three concerts in order to hear in the live the music of Ganesh Del Vescovo

"The guitarist Kazuhito Yamashita will be holding two concerts in Italy during which, amongst other composers, he will also play music by Ganesh Del Vescovo"


    PLACE: Teatro al Parco, Parco Ducale 1 Parma - Tel. +39 0521 992044 . For more info click here


    • Toru Takemitsu 
      • Folios
    • Keiko Fujiie  
      • Sakura, sakura
    • Keiko Fujiie 
      • Dialogue with the Night
    • Ganesh del Vescovo
      • Da "fantasie sopra melodie Indiane"
    • Keiko Fujiie
      • Sonata No.1 for solo guitar "The Blue Flower" Op.75 *
        • Allegretto
        • Grave
        • Scherzo
        • Moderato

    *dedicated to Kazuhito Yamashita


    PLACE: Teatro Dante, Piazza Dante 23, Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Tel. +39 055.8979403


    • Keiko Fujiie
      • Sonata No.1 for solo guitar "The Blue Flower" Op.75 *
        • Allegretto
        • Grave
        • Scherzo
        • Moderato
    • Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco 
      • La Arrulladora
    • Ganesh Del Vescovo
      • Suite "alla montagna" *
        • Preludio
        • Mistero
        • Quasi una danza
        • Incanto
        • Come una fantasia
    • Fernando Sor 
      • Etude
    • Antonin Dvorak /arr. Yamashita 
      • Largo dalla "Sinfonia del nuovo mondo"
    • Kanahi
      • The Third Shoe
    • * dedicated to Kazuhito Yamashita

    Concert of Ganesh Del Vescovo 30 March 2010 Time 9:00 P.M Church of S.Stefano al Ponte Florence:

    PLACE: Church of S.Stefano al Ponte, Firenze - Tel. +39 055.611299. For more info click here

    ganesh suona il sarod

    “La chitarra guarda ad oriente”

    Compositions of Ganesh del Vescovo


    • Due risonanze (dalle cinque risonanze per chitarra chikari)
      • Vritti due
      • Giardino
    • Otto Fantasie sopra melodie indiane (per chitarra classica)
      • Govinda Meri *
      • Giridhara Gopala *
      • Krishna Muraree
      • Ram Raja Ram
      • Shivoham
      • Chita Chora *
      • Tema di Shankaracharya
      • Raghupati Raghawa
    • Advaita Ananda (per chitarra sarod)
      • Come un Alap
      • Moderatamente ritmico
      • Movimento (come un Jhala)
    • * prima esecuzione assoluta

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    Ganesh Del Vescovo : Presentation of the dvd of the music of this guitarist-composer called
    “Music for a Paramahamsa”

    NEW! A dvd has recently been released in which Ganesh plays his own compositions for guitar, chikari guitar, sarod guitar and tabla, with the participation of the guitarist Giacomo Mazzoni.

    copertina dvd

    The dvd was inspired by the many years Ganesh has spent in connection with the spirituality and the music of India. The proceeds of the initiative will go to Sivananda Math, a charitable association founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati at Rikhiapeeth in the Indian State of Jharkhand, for aiding the poor population and especially towards educating 10,000 children in the area.

    In order to present this dvd, Ganesh will be giving the following series of concerts:



    • SATURDAY - 16 MAY Rimini - Montescudo TIME 8.30 P.M. PLACE: SATYANANDA ASHRAM ITALIA Via Ca' Baldone 62 47854 Trarivi di Montescudo (RN ) TEL: 0541. 98.47.10 email: -

    • SATURDAY - 23 MAY 2009 Piossasco, TORINO - TIME 9.00 P.M. – PLACE: CHURCH CARMINE DI PIOSSASCO (Torino) for information: Scuola di Yoga Kalpa Vriksha Satyananda – via Campetto, 43 - 10045 Piossasco (To) tel: 349.66.93.421 – email: -

    • FRIDAY - 29 MAY at “il Palmerino”, FLORENCE – TIME 5.30 P.M. PLACE: ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE IL PALMERINO Via del Palmerino, 10 – 50137 Firenze Tel: 055. 60.37.44 – email:

    • SUNDAY - 31 MAY Seregno, MILAN – TIME 8.30 P.M. PLACE: CENTRO YOGA SATYAM – Scuola di Yoga Integrale Via San Francesco 10 – 20038 Seregno (Mi) Tel: 0362.328.113 – email: -

    • SATURDAY - 6 JUNE Vittorio Veneto, TREVISO – TIME 9.00 P.M. PLACE: ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE " HARI OM" via Postumia, 35 31029 Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) – email:

    • SUNDAY 14 JUNE at Pistoia at Maheshwara’s - TIME 6.00 P.M. PLACE: Via P.le Lucchese, 70 – 51030 Ponte Lungo (Pistoia) – telefono: 0573.91.31.30 –

    Whoever is interested in participating in one or more of the concerts can contact Ganesh, the cultural associations or the centres as indicated.

    • SATURDAY 11 JULY 2009 - TIME 12:30 GENEVA
      PLACE: l'Église Luthérienne: 20 rue Verdaine/angle place Bourg-de-Four, 1204 GENEVA

      PLACE: Villa Caruso Bellosguardo, via di Bellosguardo, 54 - Lastra a Signa (Florence)
      For more information click here

    The "Centro Yoga Satyam" of Seregno(Milan) has organised the following two concerts for Ganesh in Sardinia:

    • SATURDAY 25 JULY 2009 - TIME 10:00 P.M. at Calasetta CI (Sardinia)
      PLACE: Museum of contemporary art at Calasetta CI (Sardinia)

    • SUNDAY 26 JULY 2009 - TIME 9.30 P.M. aT Carbonia CI (Sardinia)
      PLACE: Centro Yoga viale Arsia, scalinata Cannas 2, Carbonia CI (Sardinia)

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    Those interested in the dvd for the moment can contact Ganesh at his email address: